Thursday, January 22, 2009

I think I might be pregnant...

This past week I started to feel the baby move. To say it's an odd sensation it to put it midly. The baby is still too small to put any real pressure on me - I can't actually feel a kick. It feels... well, it such a weird feeling, I can't even describe it. People say it feels kind of like gas, but I disagree. There is definitely something in there though.

In better news, I stopped throwing up every morning. I can't tell you how exciting that is. Other than the huge elastic band on my pants and the odd sensations I'm feeling, I'd never know I was pregnant. To be symptomless is fantastic. People tell me to take advantage of the second trimester - the fatigue, food aversions, and morning sickness is gone. I'm not yet so big that I'm uncomfortable, so I'm in a state of limbo. I actually feel like a person again!

Too bad I can't sleep on my stomach!


Bree said...

oh, man, i HATED not being able to sleep on my stomach. truthfully, though, after i could again, i didn't like it. very upsetting. and, i would call the baby moving feeling a "flutter." do what you will though, when do you find out the sex?

Andrew said...

Its very exciting for me too now that you don't throw up each morning! Now I get an extra 2 minutes of sleep in the morning. Excellent.