Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As usual, West Wing trumps reality

After a day full of inauguration festivities, civic pride, new beginnings, and a lot of pomp and circumstance, I came home to catch up on TV. While I was flipping around, I saw that Bravo had West Wing on.... at the wrong time. Bravo has it on in the morning, and this was 6pm. So I took a closer look and found they were replaying the Santos inauguration. Of course, I watched it - and unlike today's ceremony, it brought tears to my eyes. If only the Bartlet administration were real (and you know, Leo hadn't died...).

Yes, I did watch the inauguration and the speech - and aside from only mentioning the environment ONCE and only halfheartedly at that, I found it to be pretty good. It was definitely a speech written to a downtrodden audience, but we are a downtrodden country right now. Hopefully in 4 years when we have another inauguration, the speech will be a lot more positive. We'll see if Obama can bring about the changes he's promised.

I was impressed with Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices. She was totally channeling Jackie O. I was always impressed with Laura Bush - she dressed very well, and completely age appropriate. Nary a hair out of place on that one. But she's older than Michelle Obama and her wardrobe reflected that (and rightly so). I'm enjoying the fact that we now have a first lady who buys (some of) her clothes at J. Crew.

I did scratch my head at the colors Sasha was wearing... they might be trendy today, but those pictures are going down in history. People are going to wonder about the orange and red in a few years!

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