Sunday, January 25, 2009

beginning of the end

Tomorrow is the first day of my last semester. I'm almost giddy about the fact that I only have one more class. I already handed in my graduation paperwork and paid my mandatory graduation fee (with very little complaining... aren't you proud?). All that is left is to get no less than a B in this class (though if I don't get an A in this last class, I'll be slightly heartbroken) , and receive my diploma in the mail. I'm hoping I can get my parents to pay for it to be framed for a birthday or graduation present. Then up on the wall it will go, and everyone will be required to refer to me as Meghan, MBA. 4 months and 5 days till graduation! Back in September of 2005, I never thought this day would come. But it's almost here!!!!

Late last week I discovered another "joy" of pregnancy. My hair has always been pretty low maintenance - I do have to wash it daily or else it can get kind of greasy. And if I want to wear it down, it does require some product. But on the whole, as long as it gets its daily dosing of shampoo, I don't give it much though. However, in the past 4 days, I've spent countless hours and almost $30 on it. No matter how many times I wash it, it remains greasy! I can feel it not getting clean when I shower and about an hour after I wash it, it's greasy again. I'm at my wit's end with it. I've bought 2 special shampoos for greasy hair, and neither has worked. I've already washed it twice today, and I have a burning desire to wash it again. It wouldn't matter if I did though, washing it just won't get it clean. I have managed to improve the greasiness with my new fancy Biolage shampoo for greasy hair, but it's still icky. I'm embarrassed for tomorrow night when I'll be in class - because I have no time to wash it after work and before class. My classmates are going to think I don't clean myself. I really hope this goes away, and soon.

And yet another random aside - I didn't like when NPR referred to George Bush as Mr. Bush, and I still don't like when they refer to Barack Obama as Mr. Obama. That's PRESIDENT Bush and PRESIDENT Obama to you. Have a slight amount of respect for the office of the President, thanks. I thought it would end with Bush, because NPR never had an overwhelming love for Bush, but it's continuing with Obama. I don't like it.

One last point - the New Hampshire Democrat is no longer a resident of the Granite State. He's now a fancy shmancy political operative on the Hill. Well... maybe not, but he does live and work in D.C. now. I don't know what that means for his blogging future, but hopefully he won't forget about his old friends when he's Secretary of State!


hopeful said...

here you go - trust me on these!!!

- dont brush your hair - brushes stimulate the scalp, release oil. detangle with a wide tooth comb

- fancy shampoo is ok, but you just need a clarifying shampoo, and then rub baking soda in the roots. condition, but be careful to just do your ends

- once a week suds up with dawn dish liquid. know it sounds nuts, but its made to cut the grease right? just do your roots, and no more than once a week cause it will dry out your hair.

- if you can get away with it skip the conditioner and just use a detangling spray

- carry some baby powder for when you cant wash... a little dusting on your roots will soak up oil

a friend of mine had the same issues and a hairdresser gave her these tips.... they def worked!!!!

Matt said...

thanks for the sendoff Meghan-I'll miss New England.