Sunday, January 11, 2009

Before and After

If you've ever been to my house, you'll have noticed that it looks slightly like we live in a dorm room. We've slowly been making changes as we can, but they've been slow in coming. But we were both 24 when we bought this place, so we weren't exactly rolling in dough. One of the remaining dorm room qualities in our living room was the $20 TV stand from Walmart. It was made of plastic and particleboard and was beyond ugly:

You can see in the above photos how our TV warped the top layer of the particle board so it didn't lay flat anymore. Everything about it is ugly and you can see all the wires. I never liked it, but who had the money to fix it?

However, due to a few factors (namely a child coming in the near future, and the fact that we sold $300 worth of text books while cleaning out the future child's bedroom) we were able to finally swing an actual piece of furniture that was made of real wood. And didn't even come from Ikea!It looks nicer in person, and if I had a better camera, I could probably take a better picture. But it looks nice, as if it were made from something that had once been a tree. Yes, that's seasons 1 - 7 of the Gilmore Girls in the top left shelf. But don't worry, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is down there on the bottom right shelf!

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Bree said...

kind of like our system... except i have LOST where you have GG.