Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pow! Boom! Smack!

Nostalgia creeped up on me last night and smacked me right in the face. I was driving home from school (going about 80 since we were kept late. I tried to make up for lost time), and flipping through the stations when all of the sudden I received a nice right hook across my cheek. Damn nostalgia!

I hear Justin Timberlake in his pre "I'm the sexiest man in the world" days (you remember that - when he had all that curly hair, and he and Britney made the cuuuuuuutest couple?) and I was hooked. When do you hear N*sync on the radio these days? Never! And this wasn't ANY N*Sync song.... this was God Must Have Spent!

Your love is like a river
peaceful and deep
Your soul like a secret
That I never could keep.

Pure poetry from a bunch of post adolescent boys whose songs and lyrics were written for them. But - not only is God Must Have Spent a mastery of harmony, but there is also an easy to learn dance (by "dance" I mean "hand motions") that MUST be done when the song is on, even if you are barreling down the Southern Exressway dodging around cars who aren't going the appropriate speed (the aforementioned 80).

Its when I was jamming to that Grammy worthy ballad that nostalgia cought me off guard. All of the sudden it was the 2000/2001 school year at Saint Anselm College. While sophomore year had its ups and downs, I'm far enough out now to mainly remember the ups. Like how Jenn and I had a poster of Eminem (wearing his sexy baby blue runing suit) that would never stay on the wall, no matter how much tape we used. And standing outside St. Mary's in the middle of the night because boys weren't even allowed to come into the Foyer (laaaaaame). The cleaning lady who walked into Jenn and my room on the morning of a snow day and Jenn pretty much had to jump out of bed and chase her out (I think she died soon after...) and me and Katie going out to play on the Quad during a huge snowstorm and Andrew and Ian met us there. We looked like kids playing in the snow, but damn, it was fun.

Sadly, I went to college before people had digital cameras (hell, I went to college before most people had cell phones) and I've lost almost every picture of college that I had (and I had a lot). I still have a few, but they are in a frame in my hallway. I'm insanely jealous of the kids who can save all their college memories on their computers - I certainly I wish I could pull some up right now!

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