Wednesday, December 10, 2008

freakishly real

I had an appointment today with my overly friendly OBGYN. At the practice I go to, you see midwives more than you see doctors, so this is the first time I met the doctor. She is crazy peppy and happy to be alive. Which I guess is good for an OBGYN, you certainly wouldn't want a Debbie Downer seeing your pregnancy through the end.

One of the first things she said to me was something along the lines of "so you're far enough along to determine the 'glow' of pregnancy is a myth, probably made up by men who have never been pregnant?". Yes..... yes I am. And I came to that realization about six weeks ago when I first spent my morning vomiting up bile. Disgusting? Yes. Oversharing? Yes, but I could care less. It sucks.

There is nothing natural about pregnancy. The women who say they love being pregnant are either on Prozac, or lying to themselves. There is nothing natural about throwing up every morning. There is nothing natural about feel nauseous all day. There is nothing natural about having an intense desire for cheeseburgers. There is nothing natural about uncontrollable weight gain. And there is nothing natural about your face breaking out like a 16 year old. And not the Miley Cyrus version of 16 year olds. There is certainly nothing natural about not being able to eat deli meats, soft cheese, or have A SIP OF BEER!!

Luckily for me, since I'm so short I really need to gain closer to 25 pounds. Great.... I've already gained about 6. And I still have 28 weeks to go.

All that being said (and let me reiterate for those of you who still don't get it: I don't love being pregnant), I really am excited about the baby. You know, once this whole pregnancy thing is OVER. I know I don't have it as bad as some other women, for which I am supremely greatful.
And I am looking forward to the end result (also looking forward to some Sam Summer!). Hearing the heartbeat today was so cool. I hadn't heard it yet and my first is Friday, so this is the first time we've actually had proof that this little parasite is real!

So little parasite, keep on with the beating heart and don't resent your mother because she hates being pregnant :)


Bree said...

That stuff about the deli meats is crap. I craved turkey sandwiches throught my entire pregnancy, and ohter than the fact that Aaron finds it amusing to bang his head into the wall, he turned out just fine.

Matt said...

Y'know, last night I had thought long and hard about leaving a comment on how I'd found your recent posts really interesting. I think they're very engaging and succeed in getting the reader to see your perspective. After being threatened with a no-speaking resolution for using ridiculous pirate-talk, I'm not going to leave that comment.

Meghan said...

threat? That was no threat, Matey.

Thank you for your non comment that you didn't leave. Did you also catch my comment on your Christmas list?

Matt said...

I did catch the comment on my Christmas list. I really don't know why my middle initial ended up on my amazon list but it is what it is. You guys missed quite the weekend what with there being no $#$*$!!#!! power up here for several days. It's been... interesting.