Sunday, December 14, 2008


This has been a big baby week in the OG household. I don't think we'll have another week this baby intensive until week 18ish when our Big Ultrasound will take place and we can determine the sex. Maybe. I'm still not sure which way I lean on that issue - I understand both the "there are so few surprises in life, let this be a surprise" and the "it's just as big a surprise at week 20 than it is at week 40". And if we do decide to find out, that doesn't necessarily mean that Baby will cooperate with us. But, regardless, that will be the next Big Baby Week.

As you read, we heard the heartbeat on Wednesday. That was cool. Up until then, we had no real proof (other than the 4 HPTs that I took) that I was getting sick and craving cheeseburgers for any real reason. But then once we heard that crazy fast heartbeat, we knew that SOMETHING was alive in there.

But on Friday, I had an ultrasound (finally!). The point of the ultrasound was technically to determine what the probability of having a baby with Down's Syndrome is going to be. I'm not particualy concerned with that, if the baby has Down's then that's the way it's going to be. I really got the ultrasound just to get an ultrasound to see this baby! And on Friday afternoon, Andrew and I traveled to Brookline (via Roxbury.... thanks Garmin) to see what the little parasite looks like. I have to say, seeing an actual BABY on the screen was slightly overpowering. There is an actual human in there! Granted, he's only 2 inches long and doesn't really have brain power yet, but he's in there.

Here we go

If you would like to see Baby in his Christmas finery, please go to Andrew's facebook page :)

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