Sunday, October 26, 2008


Andrew's parents have a really nice TV. So we're sitting at his parents house (sans his parents) watching the Pats. And it makes me hate my own television. Too bad we cannot afford to upgrade our TV - that's so far down the list, we might never get to it.

Andrew was still a little sick this weekend, so it was another quiet couple of days for us. We're in Keene (obviously) and it was kind of nice just taking it easy. Next weekend we're installing a new toilet, vanity, sink, medicine cabinet and light fixture, so it will not be relaxing. (okay, so we're going to help Andrew's brother as he installs everything... but still, we won't be sitting on the couch)

In other news, today marks 8 years of us being together. Though our relationship 8 years ago was pretty different than it is today! 8 years is 30% of my life. Kind of strange to think about it like that.

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