Tuesday, October 28, 2008


With Christmas just around the corner, I was thinking about Christmases in the past when Santa came to 142 Samoset. I got some fantastic presents from the Jolly old man, but there were some that eluded me.

A short list of toys I still want from Santa

Lite Brite!
I was so jealous of those with Lite Brite's. I wanted one for years and never got one. I think they make them again, in 2008 style. I might just have to buy myself one of the modern ones, but I will never stop lusting after the 1980's ones.

Cabbage Patch Kid Crimp n Curl

I couldn't find a picture of the doll, only the pets, which came later. It was identical to a regular Cabbage Patch kid, but instead of yarn hair it had some synthetic hair that you could crimp or curl and it would stay like that. Oh how I wanted one!

So what are you still waiting for Santa to bring you?

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Anonymous said...

Waiting on Santa to bring Meghandrew to San Diego. (Is it just me or does that faintly rhyme?)