Sunday, July 27, 2008

oh how the mighty have fallen

As I type this, I'm looking around at my parent's living room down the cape. (If you are reading this and you are not from New England and you think there is a word missing in the phrase "down the cape", there isn't. Nor is it missing from "down cellar" or "up Maine", which is actually supposed said "down Maine"). And there are a few things in this living room that people would be astounded to see. People that know my parents, that is.

Over in the corner is a pale yellow and green chair that rocks back and forth and side to side. It lives in the corner of the room, and never get puts away. That was purchased after a 2 hour trip to Babies R Us. Because heaven forbid their grandchild not have the absolute best chair that is out there. Molly seems to like it, she's been sitting it at my parent's house since she was born.

On one of the end tables is a green frog toy and Good Night Cape Cod. They never get put on the stairs to be put away and it's okay to them to be next to the uber fragile starfish. Shocking, I know.

Closer to my seat is the 360ยบ of fun, otherwise known as an exisaucer. That contains all the primary colors. About 5 million times each. And it plays the same song over and over. It somewhat clashes with the muted pastel color scheme going on, and it doesn't quite match the nautical theme in the room. But yet it's probably the most well loved article of furniture in the entire house. Clashing colors and all

A little bit out my sight, out on the deck, there sits a high chair. ON THE DECK!!!! Other chairs get moved to not disturb the high chair and have it be in the optimal position.

I never though I would see the day that my father walked around the house pointing out all the flowers, while catering to a 6 month old's love for all things red.

If only grandchildren knew the power they wield.

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