Thursday, July 31, 2008

the taste of her cherry chapstick

I've been watching West Wing season 4 every spare second I have since last Saturday. It's bittersweet for me. Season 4 is The Great Sam Seaborn Departure. And when he leaves, he isn't to been seen again until Josh goes to collect him again in the last episode. That's just a tragedy. At least this isn't The Unbelievable Toby Ziegler Falling From Grace Season. We still have a solid two seasons until Toby goes criz-nazy.

Alright, well seeing as most people don't have the love of West Wing that I do, you're probably pretty bored by now. We'll switch topics - but I reserve the right to wax poetical about Josh Lyman at any time I see fit.

But now I will pose the question - where did July go? I know summers fly by, but for some reason I feel like this is the fastest summer I have ever had. Tomorrow is August 1st. I can't quite comprehend that. The only good part of summer moving quickly is that every day that passes is one day closer my graduation. (9 months and 4 weeks!) But we still have a month before it's all over, so I guess I will just enjoy it as long as I can!

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