Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm Meghan

I am a short, somewhat chubby, American woman of Irish descent.

I don't believe in abortion. I do believe in adoption. I don't judge people based on their beliefs on this issue.

I don't believe in the death penalty. In any instance.

I don't think that people who got mortgages way above their means should be helped by the government.

I do believe in a higher power. I do not believe 99% of what the Catholic Church would like me to believe.

I love summer. I tolerate winter, only because I can't ski any other time.

I'm a semi-retired sailor (I'll come out of retirement if my brother ever finds more crew and the 210's start to race on Saturday. Neither is happening soon).

I'm a bleeding heart liberal only when it comes to the environment. In all other instances I lean marginally to the right.

Gilmore Girls is the best television series ever. EVER.

I am a product of single sex education. I am not a lesbian, feminazi, male hater, or socially awkward because of it. I can only hope that if I have a daughter, she too can be a young lady of the Academy.

Thanks to having an older brother, I can recite passages from Star Wars, know what the icing rule really means, and still try to avoid being sacked or tagged out (depending on the season) whenever I walk into a room.

I figure skate lefty. If you can figure out why, I'd love to know. I play hockey righty, so it doesn't have to do with being on skates.

I love the smell and feel of salt water.

I would re-locate to another country before I left New England for another part of the US.

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