Saturday, June 07, 2008

I am whoever you say I am

Well. Bree takes issue with u-MASS. She thinks the emphasis is actually on the campus. u-mass BOSTON, u-mass LOWELL. I've pondered the issue. I still think the Mass is more emphasized than the U. But maybe not as emphasized as the campus.

It was 90 degrees today and I didn't go to the beach. Or even a pool. I'm pretty upset about this. Tomorrow I hope to at least make it to the pool. I bought a bathing suit today, so hopefully I will at least make it to the pool.

I really want to be at this beach:
Unfortunately it is in San Diego. And I am not in California. So getting to that beach will be a little hard. I could have gone to the beach in Southie today, but the lack of a bathing suit, plus the fact that I was in Quincy for most of the day prohibited the Southie beach adventure. I seem to be striking out on all fronts.

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