Sunday, June 01, 2008

I enjoy being a girl

** This post contains spoilers for the Sex and The City Movie. Don't read if you want want plot spoilers **

I have so many things to say about my experience tonight, but as it is 1:13AM EST and I should go to bed soon, I won't be able to say everything. Here are a few of my thoughts.

The women behind me in line had very bad self esteem issues. We were all waiting in line like crazy people for about an hour before the movie started. They were in line behind us. And they kept saying things like "what does all this say about womenkind? I can't believe how shallow this is". Um.... you are here too. Behind me in line. Near the front of the line, I might add. And you know what? Sometimes it's fun to get your girlfriends to go see a movie and have an excuse to get dolled up. It's okay to be a woman. It's okay to do girly things. Why do women have to feel ashamed to throw on some make up, high heels, and cute outfits and go sit through a very girly movie? Men don't feel ashamed when they go watch "Rambo Meets Rocky and they Blow Up NY With Russian Mafia Explosives" (and yes, I know Rocky and Rambo are played by the same person). We don't need to feel ashamed of getting into Sex and the City.

On that note, I have never seen so many different and cute pairs of shoes at a movie. Every other girl had high heels on and there were more dresses than I have ever seen at a movie. It was actually kind of nice to see.

(This is where the plot spoilers begin)
When Big jilted Carrie at the altar I wanted to die for her. When she was beating him with her bouquet screaming that she was humiliated, I wanted to start smacking him over the head (then again, I never liked Mr. Big). As I watched the once strong Carrie Bradshaw fall apart with a severely broken heart, and how she knew it was going to happen, I realized I never had that fear. I remember having an absolute freak out on the way to the chapel on my wedding day. I remember feel nauseous and wanting to be sick and so nervous I could barely walk. I remember thinking to myself "I cannot do this" and telling my mother I didn't feel good. My father told me we didn't have to do it, and we could go out on the boat instead if I so chose. And I almost chose to. But I never once in a million years though my groom wouldn't be waiting down there at the end of the altar. If someone had told me, as they told Carrie, that he wasn't there yet, the furthest thing from my mind would have been that he wasn't coming. I probably would have thought that since I wasn't there to nag him about being on time that he was running late. I'm glad I never even had to consider him not showing up.

And when Steve told Miranda that he cheated on her, my heart dropped. Steve? Cheat on Miranda? What? Why would he do that? I got mad at him, and I understood why Miranda didn't want to forgive him. I'm not sure I could either. And his excuse was so low, that I think I would have hit him. So what if they hadn't been having sex for a long time. Does that give you the right to sleep with someone else? No. You should stay home and try to fix what is wrong.

And finally, I was very impressed with Samantha for not cheating on Smith. I was sad to see them break up, but I was impressed that she ended it before she strayed. Good to see her making a good decision for once.

Overall, a really good chick-flick

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