Saturday, May 31, 2008

27 down...

Aside from having 8 hours of training to sit through on my birthday, it was a pretty good day. Intrigue was really nice and the weather was so warm that even I was able to sit outside and not be cold. Unfortunately, we got a square table which meant only one of us was able to look at the haahbah. They try to squish in a lot of tables which means that almost have the diners have to stare at the restaurant. Considering you are paying for the view, it's kind of cheap of them that they don't arrange the tables better. The food was good - nothing terribly special, but good enough that you almost don't mind the prices. I got ravioli and Andrew got a grilled pizza. Neither one of us had any complaints. The drinks were good too - way to expensive, but you know that going in - anything at the Boston Harbor Hotel is going to be overpriced. However, they didn't water them down and then charge $10 for a drink so all in all, it's a pretty good price. In the end, we didn't pay as much as we thought we would (though we also got the 2 cheapest items on the menu) and the view for me was fantastic.

I guess if you must turn 27 it wasn't a bad way to go.

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