Thursday, January 04, 2007

Will travel for snow.

So this winter has sucked for the outdoor sports enthusiasts, such as myself and Andrew. It's Jan 4, and it's about 60 degrees outside. Um.... everyone go out and by a hybrid because it is clear we are KILLING the earth. It's is not supposed to be 60 degrees in January.

Anyway, Andrew and I can't ski if there isn't any snow. So we have been desperately searching for ideas. We can't go to the Killington/Sugarloaf type resorts because they are 3 hours away and we can't afford to stay there. We tried to find a Marriott nearby any of hte big resorts, but not a single one to be found. Our only option at that point was to sit on a bus for 7 hours, through a program that our gym runs. And I was absolutely fine with that, I don't care about sitting on a bus, as long as I don't have to drive three hours home after a day of skiing - someone will do it for me. But I really couldn't get Andrew to hop on board with me. Then we realized that Vermont has slightly more snow than NH. But all the mountains in VT are at least 3 hours away from Boston. BUT.... the ones further south are only a little more than an hour from Keene. :) We're used to driving an hour, it takes an hour to get to Gunstock from Manch, and last year Gunstock was our mountain of choice. So we FINALLY have a ski trip planned! (ski "trip" means day trip, but hey - we're poor. At least we can afford more than Pats Peak now). The weekend of Jan 13, we are heading up to Keene Friday night, heading to Okemo Saturday, and back to Keene to spend the night on Sunday. YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I'm pretty psyched that I can actually go skiing this winter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for February. I would like to actually use my Gunstock GC this year.

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