Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guess who's back?

I know, I know... you have all been at the edge of your seats, checking a day in the life of Meghan every day just waiting for an update into my life, and I am sorry for the lack of posting. I understand that I shouldn't leave my adoring public hanging... my bad. My bad.

Anyway, not much to write home about since I last posted. Andrew and I went to Okemo last weekend. It was..... okay. It rained for the first hour we were there, and that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the fog. I once raced in a regatta that was completely fogged in, and we had to race towards the air horn because we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us. If there are any sailors reading this, you know how asinine that is. If you aren't a sailor you understand how crazy it is just by common sense. Multiply that by 20 times, and you have a sailor's perspective of racing towards the sound of the air horn that the stake boat is blowing. Asinine. But skiing in fog is just as crazy. A ski race in fog would be better than a sailing race in fog, but that doesn't mean pleasure skiing in fog is any fun. At least on boats you have GPS and radar and such (okay, not so much on the racing dinghies I sailed when I was seriously competitive). I had no idea what was 8 feet in front of me when I was skiing. Didn't know if I was going to hit someone, ski off a cliff, miss a turn, what have you. As the day went one, the fog line rose higher and higher up the mountain, and the day overall wasn't a total wash. It was terrible conditions but at least there was no ice! And then we went back to Keene where I proceded to watch Bridget Jones' Diary with my in-laws. Yeah... not a movie to watch with old people, but what are you going to do.

More exciting news... I won $100 iTunes gift certificate!!!! I'm terribly excited about it. I have never won ANYTHING. But a few months ago St. A's had a contest. Anyone who left a comment on the Saint A's blog was automatically entered into the contest to win the gift certificate. So I went onto the blog, saw a post about the grading policy, I read it and all the responses to it, and left one of my own. Granted the response I left was praising the grading policy of Saint A's... which may be why I won, but I was so disgusted with one of the posters that I had to do it. It was this older guy and he was like "I wouldn't let my kids go to Saint A's because you can't get A's there". In my head I was like "um, no your kids didn't get into Saint A's, you were forced to send them to Assumption, and now you are trying to justify your child's poor academic performance". But on my post I was like "gee, I got A's at Saint A's. So I guess if you study and do your work, you can get good grades. And if I didn't get an A in a class, I guarantee I didn't deserve it". Or I was stupid and took a Baudot class, who was so unfair in her grading policies I still don't like to think about it. But even in her class, I never got below a B, so, yeah, that guy's kids got like a 1000 on their SATs and he was trying to make himself feel better. And I got a $100 iTunes for telling him he's an idiot. It was fun. And profitable.

I am sorry that no one will win $100 iTunes GC for posting a comment on MY blog. But, I like comments too! The next time I see you in the correct setting I will buy you a beer if you leave a comment!! (please note, this offer does not apply to Katie and Val for obvious reasons! he he he)

Lastly, everyone is having babies or getting pregnant. This is scaring me. But..... Andrew and I have officially reversed the Saint A's curse. Thank god. :) I like spoiling other people's babies too much to have my own!!!! Yeah, I was shopping online for another present for Aaron, but the way my life has been going lately he might have to wait a few months. It's worth the wait Aaron... definately worth the wait.

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Katie said...

I'll leave a comment anyway. I actually agree with your stance on the St. A's grading policy - I think it gives the school some credibility in a mass of grade inflating competitors. I got A's from Baudot and even I don't think her grading was fair. Some I did deserve (after looking at my college Con Law stuff while I was taking law school Con Law, I did actually know it pretty well back then), and some of it (like my oral International Law exam where she asked me if I enjoyed the class) I definitely did not. People who whine about the grading policy are the ones who whine about parietals - as if when you get there either one of them REALLY matter, there are ways around both. :)