Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Should Old Aquaintence Be Forgot

Happy 2007!!

My New Years weekend was pretty good. After work on Friday, Andrew and I headed up to Keene. That was fun, we had Christmas with Andrew's parents. His dad loved his new TV and his mother was pretty happy with her gifts too. I got the WARMEST slippers ever (knock off UGGs, but they are really nice) and Gilmore Girls season 6 and a cribbage board and Andrew and I both got $50 to Gunstock! So if it ever gets cold, we can ski for a grand total of $12 between the both of us! I'm pretty happy about that. Andrew's brother was supposed to visit in Keene as well, but the roads were really bad so he stayed home. I'd say Keene got about 2 inches of snow on Saturday. It was nice to see the snow, even though this weekend is supposed to be 56 degrees. Fuck that. I want to ski!! We came back to Canton early on Sudnday and picked up our place and watched the Pats.

Katie, Colin, Chris, and Laney came over for New Years. It was fun, we played some Taboo (which I love) and Circle of Death which I incorrectly called Kings all night. We were not playing Kings, we were playing Circle of Death. :) But we had a good time.

Andrew right before people got here, drinking his G&T and watching The Office. Typical Sunday afternoon!

Chris laughing at something funny. Or maybe it wasn't funny. He had a lot of screwdrivers that night :)

Katie and Colin. Apparently we were keeping Colin up!!

A rare photo of Laney smiling....

So it was a chill night, but lots of fun. Another NYE with the SAC crew. It was supposed to be NYE in Cali, but maybe next year instead :)

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Bree said...

Start planning New Year's '09 in Cali! (We're pretty sure Ian will still be deployed New Year's '08)It's gonna be craaaazy. Purple hands and everything.