Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mary's boychild

Hark now hear the angels sing!
A new King born today
And man will live forever more
Because of Christmas Day!

That's got to be one of my favorite Christmas carol ever. Even though it's not 100% grammatically correct (and you know how that bothers me) I still like. It's kind of okay that they are a little lose with grammar because it's somewhat of a raggae song.

I'm kind of not happy that I have to work tomorrow. Usually I have a nice long Christmas vacation, but Aruba kind of wiped away all my vacation time. But that's okay, it was definately worth it.

I don't know what I am getting for Christmas this year. I'm not done with buying all my presents either. I have two left to buy and then I'll still have about 7 to wrap. I hate wrapping presents. I am so not good at it. But since I like to unwrap presents in wrapping paper and not take them out of a bag, I try to wrap. But since I am running out of time, the last couple may have to be bagged. I'm going to try. Technically I am free all day on Saturday, so I should have enough time. But my whole house has to be cleaned. I mean scrubbed from top to bottom (not that there is more than one level). Andrew and I have just been so busy lately that we've let it go. And my parents are coming over for a bit on Christmas Eve before we go to my family's gathering. So Saturday will be spent cleaning. Well I will spend Saturday cleaning, I have a feeling Andrew will spend Saturday shopping. Which sucks mainly because he cleans the kitchen very well. Maybe I will save the kitchen for him : )

So Sunday begins our Marathon of Christmas. My parents are coming over to see our tree and decorations in our first Christmas in our new place!, and then we go to my aunt's for a little bit of peace and quiet before Nana's. Then it's across the street to Nana's.... where my entire family (well 98% of my entire family) gathers in one not-so-big house. It's actually a fun time. Not as fun as it was when my cousins were all little and we all went and we just went crazy with excitement. That was before my grandfather had his shop downstairs (woodshop) so we all went downstairs and just played there out of our parents' hair. I still enjoy myself, but that magic of being a little kid who believes in Santa (or at least still gets lots of stuff from Santa), playing with all your cousins for the only time all year is irreplaceable. Then after Nana's, its off to another uncle's to wind down from Nana's. Then to bed! Christmas morning we'll get up, open presents, go to Quincy for Christmas Breakfast (sooo yummy), then to Falmouth where my immediate family will do a gift exchange, then finally over to my Grandmother's where we will do Christmas dinner and more presents. By that time, it's time to head home so Andrew can work the next day. Quite the travels!

In case I do not blog until after Christmas, Feliz Navidad!

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