Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the past few days

I hope everyone had a fun Christmas!

I had a very nice Christmas weekend. I had to work Friday and we got out maybe a half hour early, but whatever. We all had enough stuff to keep us busy. Then I went out to dinner at Sky in Norwood (awesome, but pricey, restaurant) and had our $5 gift exchange. I got lots of nice stuff :) Then I went home and didn't do much, pretty much went right to bed because Saturday morning I went back to work! Everyone thought I was crazy, but if I hadn't gone to work on Saturday I would have been stressing the whole weekend about what I had to do at work. So I put in about 3.5 hours of work, then I met my dad at West Marine, and we braved the SSP. Not a place I want to be on the day before Christmas Eve. We were there for a few hours, but ended up getting my mother some really nice Cape Cod jewelry, that she was really excited about. So good for us.

Saturday afternoon I finally arrive back in Canton and Andrew and I started to clean up and I finished my wrapping... then came the BEST part of the weekend. We went to see Rocky Balboa. What a great movie. I was a little uncertain about no Adrian, but I understood why Sylvester Stallone didn't want her in it. All you have to do is watch Rocky V to see that she didn't age well. Well... that's not true. She did age well. But the point is... she aged. She doesn't have a face full of Botox. She looks her age. But as Rocky and Adrian are only supposed to be in his 50's and she looks like she's about 95, it wasn't going to work. I did miss Adrian, because I don't think Rocky is Rocky without his Adrian, but the movie ended with a "Yo Adrian" so I was happy. "Yo Adrian... We did it! we did it." (tear!) Yeah.... who cries at Rocky? Yup, this kid. Plus Rocky, Jr provided all the wet blanket-ness that Bill Simmons loves so much. Though he did come around.

Anywho, after watching such a fabulous movie. Sunday we got up and didn't do much. We were pretty lazy. I had to go out to CVS to do some stuff, and then my parents came over and Christmas Extravaganza began. I had a pretty good Christmas. I now have a peacoat and a leather coat! Plus I now have a 19" flat panel monitor on my desk instead of that dinosaur I used to have. That was a present for me and Andrew. It was a pretty good Christmas. And we now have 7 movie passes, 5 to National Amusements (aka Randolph) and 2 to AMC (aka Boson Common). I added to my board game collection with scrabble, and now Andrew and I own the first two seasons of The Office, entourage, and Numb3rs. (though we already had Numb3rs, the second one was a Christmas present). We had a pretty fantabulus Christmas!

I have today off (andrew doesn't) and then it's back to work for me. Good thing we have a long weekend next weekend!!

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