Friday, November 17, 2006

This is for people who are married now or who are engaged to be married
1) Do you love your spouse?if I didn't, why would I have married him?
2) How did you meet your spouse? we had mutual friends...
) How long did you date before you were married?5.5years
4) How many times did you break up before you were married? never.
5) How many times a month do you fight?big fights? rarely
6) What side of the bed do you sleep on? if are facing the bed, I sleep on the left
7) Who is the money maker? We both make about the same amount
8) What kind of car do you drive? I have a 2004 Toyota Carolla
9) Do you rent or own a house? we own a condo
10) How many square foot is your house? About 900
11) What date and year were you married and where was the party? June 18, 2006. Mass at Saint Thomas the Apostle in Falmouth MA, reception at New Seabury Country Club in Mashpee MA
12) Do you have pets? no, we'll get a cat as soon as we live in a place that allows them!
13) Do you have a baby? Hells no. I love to spoil other people's babies way too much to have my own
14) Who pays the bills physically? We pay them mostly online, Andrew usually does it.
15) What kind of car does your spouse drive?2003 Nissan Crapcar.... or Sentra, however you want to look at it
16) What does your spouse do for a living? I have no idea. He works in the Hancock Tower doing money stuff
17) How many places have you lived as a married couple? 1
18) How many kids do you want? 2... he wants 3 but that's NOT happeing
19) Where do you both love to vacation? Aruba!
20) What is your favorite place to eat out? Without a doubt, Chili's
21) What is a great date?We've been known to make Border's a date
22) How many couples friend do you and your spouse have? married couples.... um......2 Non married couples, a fair amount
23) Who makes the decisions? depends on what the issue is.
24) Who mows the lawn? The management company
25) Who's family do you see the most? Mine since they live down the street
26) How many neices and nephews do you have? Andrew has 7.
27) Do you like being married? It has its bennefits

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