Saturday, November 18, 2006

I love that Dirty Water!

(getting on my soap box.... BOSTON HARBOR IS CLEAN. yes, the Charles is still dirty. But it drives me crazy that so much money, time and energy has gone into cleaning the harbor and people still think it's dirty. Harbor = Clean. Charles = Dirty. Got it? Good. Not that I am recommending swimming in the harbor, it's still a high water traffic area which is icky. But it's clean)

Anyway.... Thursday night Andrew and I went to see the Bruins play (Red Sox, Broonz, Celts and Pats, to all the fans we tip our hats. I swear I will give $20 to ANYONE who can tell me where that's from! And unless you are my brother you probably don't know, but it is public knowledge!). My night was so odd. First of all, I took the train into North Station, which is odd for me. I usually walk from Park or Gov't Center. I know, why whould I do that when North Station is RIGHT THERE? Well the answer is I hate the orange line. I avoid it like the plague because I really think I might catch the plage from it. Any way that I can avoid the orange line, I will. But when I got to downtown crossing, I decided to just bite the bullet and get on the orange line. So I did, and that is how I ended up at North Station. Though it was 70 degrees on Thursday, so I probably should have walked. But I digress. So, not having a ton of expierence with North Station, I exited the train and saw "exit to Causeway St" signs. Perfect, since that is where I wanted to end up because I was meeting Andrew at the Fours. So I follow the signs thinking to myself "this is SO not the way to Causeway Street". But the signs said it was..... so I figured I was just going crazy. I walked out of North Station and I was right - I was in the opposite direction of Causeway St. That was annoying. Why do they have signs that aren't right? I should have followed my instinct and gone the right way. Silly me thought the signs might actually be in the correct positions. So I finally walk all the way through the Garden and come to the right place. I cross the street and I end up at the intersection of Causeway and Friend. The Fours is on Canal. So all I needed to do was go one street to the left. But instead I go right, fully knowing I had to go left. I have no idea why I did that. So then I had to turn around like an idiot and go BACK to Canal. I don't know what wrong with me, but I blame it on the fault causeway streets. Then I finally got the fours and proceeded to have like 5 beers and the Carl Yastremsky.

And the the Bruins won in overtime. So yay for them.

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