Monday, August 28, 2006

What's this? Meghan is updating her blog on a non weekend and non flex day? That's right my loyal readers, this week marks the momentous occasion of Meghan's Semester Break! 5 glorious days of no school work.

One topic for tonight is Don't Be a Litterbug! I was on my way to the gym tonight and I saw a little blue car stop at the stop sign and then the driver's side door opened a little bit. This not being normal driving procedure, I was curious and decided to watch and see what would happen next. A grown man, who looked to be about 45ish was dumping out his soda from his Wendy's bright yellow cup. I watched amazed because this is normally not something that people do. And then the creep just dropped the cup! Last time I checked, Wendy's did not use biodegradable drink cups! And honestly, who litters like that? You don't just throw your cup out of your car in the middle of the street! That angered me. That stupid bright yellow cup is just going to sit on the corner of the street for a long time, making the intersection look dirty and run down. The prisoners don't usually clean up the littler on the side streets of Canton! So DON'T BE A LITTERBUG! My god, we've come a long way with regards to taking care of the earth and this dingbat treats the streets as his own personal dumping ground. I hope he's at his low rent apartment right now, sucking down his last cigarette of the two packs he's smoked today in his dirty wife beater.... His body will decompose before that Wendy's cup is off the street!

Also, Gilmore Girls starts back up on the CW August 26. Keep an eye out for it. When last we left our Girls, Lorelei just told Luke if he couldn't marry her right then, than the marriage wouldn't happen - and then we see her waking up in Christopher's bed! And Rory's controversial boyfriend Logan had graduated and was on his way to London for a year to break his teeth on some British newspapers. So what will this next (and most likely final) season bring us? Will Lorelei end up with Luke or Christopher? (I think Christopher is her Dawson - and we all know that Joey ended up with Pacey!) Will Emily and Lorelei ever have a somewhat normal relationship? Will Lane be happy with her marriage to Slacker Zach? Will Paris stay with Shorty Doyle? Will Rory follow Logan to London (ha ha ha, maybe she can fly out of LOGAN to go visit LOGAN!) Will Sookie have another baby? Will Michele come out of the closet? So many things to ponder! As always, look to Mo's blog ( for commentary, as I will be in class on Tuesday nights. I will have my weekly reviews, however, they could be a day or two (or four or five) behind.

Sadly, Related did not make the cut. I like Related, but I think I was the only one who did.

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