Sunday, August 27, 2006

So another weekend has come and gone. Good bye weekend!

It's been an uneventful weekend. I really have nothing to report. Everyday during the week I see something or think of something that I want to blog about, and then by the time I have time to actually sit down and write the blog my mind is blank. So here are a few thoughts bouncing in my head that I thought I might share with you all tonight.

1. I have a headache.

2. We replaced our drain doohicky thing today. I was cleaning the tub when I noticed that the water wasn't draining. I called Andrew in and we both stared at it for a few minutes, each of us poking it occasionally to see if it had magically fixed itself. It hadn't. So Andrew finally unscrewed it from the wall and poked at it again and we realized that the part that actually controlled the lever thing to the drain (and yes these are all technical descriptions) had completely corroded (coroded?) in half and was no longer attatched to the lever thing. Off we went to Home Depot! And we happily learned that the part we needed was less than $10. Andrew was Mr. Fix-It and replaced it. We are very proud of ourselves. So far this is the most technical repair we have made.

3. I saw Leah Burke last Wednesday. She has tripled in size since I last saw her about 10 months ago. She's walking and talking now - it's crazy. I also saw Jenn and Sean who walk and talk as well, but that wasn't as exciting as Leah :) Just kidding - I'm very excited that the Burkes are back! (if only the Browns were also in NE... :( But at least now I have to go out to Cali - it's good to have an excuse!)

4. Speaking of babies, I tried to buy Ziggy a present, but the waves were too big once we got out of the harbor. Just as well since I don't know yet if Ziggy is a girl baby or a boy baby. I'll try again next weekend.

5. What is going on with Dieon Branch. Seriously. The papers are calling it a ploy - should I believe that? I don't know what to believe. I'm afraid Tedy is out for good. His heart is 100% there, but his body is telling him to stop. Ugh, I don't know what to think. My boys are subjecting me to too much stress.

6. I want a Rav-4 or a Sante Fe. I can't have either one. But we need a bigger car. At the very lease I need ski racks on my car. I cannot wait to start skiing again. I love skiing. Almost as much as I love going to the beach.

7. I am going to Italy in June of 2009. Happy graduation to me.

8. I finally mailed in my paper work to the social security office. In a week or so I will legally have a hyphenated name. Too all of you who have negative things to say about that - SUCK IT

9. I still have a headache.

Till next time, have a pleasant tomorrow.

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Ian said...

I agree that you should come out to San Diego to visit and see all the San Diegites . . . San Diegoins . . . San Diegons. And I am curious as to what present for Ziggy would necessitate you negotiating waves in a harbor. I will insist that he/she wait until he/she is at least 2 human years old before he/she becomes the Great White Shark Hunter. He/she will have plenty of practice, as the beach is right down the road and sharks eat surfers there on a regular basis. Or perhaps you were jigging for cod. Cod is good. Ziggy will probably like cod. Go cod.