Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I do apologize for my sporadic blogging. I do what I can, but I cannot always find the time to blog

Summer is officially over. Labor day has come and gone, the kids are back in school, and it’s not hot anymore. Of course my office still blares the AC so it feels like the arctic.

Labor day was colder than Memorial Day was. That’s just not right. Andrew and I did a lot of shopping, but we didn’t buy anything. We saw Snakes on a Plane (it was okay… kinda scary, kinda cheesy), watched a lot of Numb3rs, went to the yacht club 2x for lunch and went for a couple of walks. That was basically the whole weekend except for the Cat Drama.

What is the Cat Drama? Well, let me tell you. Kitty decided to go for a little walk around 8am on Monday. For those of you who know Kitty, you know he is the dumbest cat alive. Seriously, cats are usually somewhat intelligent. Not this one. He’s the size of a small child, but little kittens have beaten him up and caused serious injuries. He’s just not smart. Anyway, he decided to go exploring. Normally he will stay within our neighbors yards, occasionally venturing further, but he never even goes as far as my grandmother’s house (for those of you who have yet to come visit the cape, there are two houses separating my house and my grandmother’s house). So we’ve firmly established that the cat doesn’t wander very far. At 10am, the cat wasn’t back. This is unlike the cat because he normally spends his day curled up on one of the chairs on the deck. He’s pretty lazy. So noon comes…. No cat. This is unheard of, because he has now gone 4 hours without food, and he constantly begs for it. He completely missed his lunchtime. Kitty doesn’t disappear for hours at a time (or even days like some cats). He’ll be gone for an hour, tops. So 4 hours and people started to get nervous. But we had a busy afternoon, we had to help my brother pull his boat, my father and Andrew went golfing, I went to have a polish change on my nails. Beth and my mother started looking around our neighborhood around 4 (8 hours without Kitty). Absolutely no sign of Kitty. About 5:30 my aunts joined our search. We combed the entire neighborhood. We traveled all through our neighbors yards, searched in the woods, drove up and down the streets – nothing. No Kitty. So more time passes (we’re still looking mind you), but we had to go home. Everyone felt terrible, but we all had to work in the morning, and we couldn’t stay any longer. It was decided Andrew and I would drive my mother home, and my father would stay down the cape and leave for work directly from the cape Tuesday morning. My mother is extremely upset because her buddy is missing! We kept thinking about how lost and scared he was (someone a few streets down actually saw him wandering around in the middle of the day) and how the foxes or coyotes could eat him. It was a sad drive home. I feel like a rotten person leaving without him, but what could we do? We had to go work. So at about 8:30 (12 hours without Kitty) my mother’s cell phone rings. It was my father. Once we left, he searched all the streets again and finally had to give up when it got dark. And a few minutes after he got home, completely giving up hope we’d see Kitty again…. He hears familiar scratching at the door! Kitty came back! Apparently he was all freaked out when he found his way back and hasn’t been wandering anywhere at all since he found his way home. Now I know that cats usually find their way home – but this cat is so dumb, I can’t properly explain it. I really believe it was just luck he managed to come home. So thankfully Kitty is safe and sound and he won’t be wandering anywhere anytime soon!

So this coming weekend is a busy weekend for me. Friday night my family is going out to celebrate the fact that Michael passed his CFA level III and is currently Charter Pending, soon to be Michael, MSF, CFA. Too smart for his own good. Saturday I have my first HR class and then we are going to the home opener at BC. Yeah tailgating! Then Sunday is the First Annual Patriots Kickoff Party! Be there or be square! So should be a busy busy weekend. I have Monday off because I have to take care of Andrew who is getting all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled. Poor Andrew. He’ll be out of work Monday and Tuesday, but Tuesday he’ll have to take care of himself, since I have to go to work and school. But I’m sure he’ll be fine and play lots of Madden.

For the SACer’s - I think we should all go to Homecoming, October 13 and 14, tailgate at the football game and go to the pub. I think it would be a fun time.

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