Friday, August 04, 2006

so it's the weekend again.

Wow, I suck at updating. I did have a better week though. Only 4 days of work and I got a phenomenal beach day in with Katie.

That is Old Silver Beach, in an undated photo. I don't know when this was taken or who took it, but I did not. Anyway, that's Old Silver. I picked up Katie at 7:30 (and yes, she was ready on time!) and off we went. I basked in the sun all day and Katie ejoyed the shade with the occasional venture in the sun. Surprisingly we both went in the water on more than one occasion. It was a flextastic flex day.

Tomorrow I am going on a booze cruise with the SAC crew - should be tons o fun. I'll have more to report on Sunday most likely.

Stay cool!

1 comment:

Katie said...

In fact, you showed up at 7:42 and I was sitting in my living room waiting for you. Maybe we should get YOU the watch.