Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend!

So it's Saturday and I am not down the cape. I'm none too happy about this, but I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. Oh well, I'll probably head to the pool for the day. I'd rather head to the beach, but I'm not in Falmouth and I try to avoid Nantasket like the plague. So pool it is.

This week sucked between 5 days of work, 2 days of class, heart wrenchly sad wakes, dealing with death, and the freaking heat. Next week should be better. Only 4 days of work - still 2 days of classes but hopefully no unexpected deaths. At least I know that if there is a heaven, Sheila is in the front row. Hopefully when it's my turn to go, she can put in a good word for me :)

Last night I accompanied Andrew, Andrew, and Matt to the O.A.R. concert. They were on stage for about 2 hours and 15 minutes and I knew exactly 2 songs. I people watched mostly. I was astounded by what 15 and 16 year olds were wearing and how wasted these kids could get. Maybe I was sheltered, but when I was 15 and my friends and I went to the Bush concert, one of our Dad's went. That was the only way we were allowed to go. After last night, I'm glad I had the upbringing that I did and the friends that I did. There is no need for kids to act the way they did last night. Parental supervision. It's a good thing. Maybe your teeneger won't end up drunk, high, and pregnant at 16 if you set some rules once in a while.

Hopefully the average age at Goo Goo Dolls tonight won't be 19.5

Switching topics, I want these pants.

I really want a pair of red pants for fall. These are from J. Crew - the Hertitage Tap Chino trousers. They are a lot more dressy than they appear to be here. However I have an agreement with myself, because being from J. Crew they are a little more expensive than I would normally spend on pants. And I don't want to look like an elephant in red pants. Hence my agreement with myself! I should be able to have them by the beginning of September. As I know you will all be sitting on the edge of your chairs, I will let you know the result, if I am able to get them or not. I think I will need a new shirt to go with them too. But first I need to purchase the pants and then I can worry about a shirt.

Okay, that was Meghan's fantasy shopping trip for the day.

Training camp started yesterday. Branch didn't show up. Normally I'm not all for professional players whining that their millions aren't enough, but we need all the superstars we can get this year. We lost some good people after last season, and I don't want to lose Branch either. Give him his money. We need a cohesive team this year and he needs to be at camp. Stop screwing him Even though he's getting millions, he is getting screwed.... don't offer him a deal to get most of his money at the end of it. JUST PAY HIM AND STOP ACTING LIKE THE OWNERS OF THE BRUINS!! YOU ARE THREATENING THE SUCCESS OF MY TEAM! MY BOYS NEED MONEY IN ORDER TO PLAY. Spoiled as they are, I need one big happy and talented team playing on Sunday afternoons for my enjoyment.

Andrew's birthday is coming up. If you know what the fuck I can get him let me know. I'm at a loss this year. I've got zero ideas. I need some help.


Katie said...

Wow, apparantly you have a new blog. Where the hell have I been???? I'm sorry you had a shitty week. Still in awe that you have a new blog. Congrats

Anonymous said...

do you know if j crew makes those pants in maternity sizes? ~bb