Saturday, August 12, 2006

So it has been established that I do not have time during the week to update my blog. I do apologize about that. This week was especially hard, as I have had a horrendous cold/sore throat since Tuesday. For anyone who was in France with me, I was squeaking like I did in France. At least it was on one day, whereas in France it was a solid week.

Aaahh.... France. Good times. I wish I had traveled more in college, but I'm happy I at least went to France. And successfully drank an entire village's supply of Malibu (not by myself!)

I have no plans to travel anywhere anytime soon. Which is good, because flying on an airplane looks like it's about as much fun as poking needles into your eyes. Though honestly, I would rather wait around for three hours and not be able to bring on liquid onboard (though I do hope that planes won't be charging for water since you can't bring water with you anymore) than blow up.

We were throwing the idea around of going to Italy when I graduate from school, but that is so far away I can't even think about it now. It will take me 4 years, including summers to finish school. But I guess it's not that bad, plenty of people took 4 years to get through school. My mother did. It just sucks while actually doing it. And I take 2 classes a semester - you would think I could be done sooner. Although I do have strong hatred of UMass, it isn't one of those schools that has 7 weeks semesters. Oh no, regular semesters for us! That's like the one saving grace for me. I've read in countless US News and World Reports and other such magazines that companies do not like these "McMBA's" as they are called. One CEO was like "how can you possibly learn anything in 7 or ever 9 week semesters? I don't trust those MBA's". I am paraphrasing, but not by much. So although I hate UMass, although I hate the fact that I have three more years of school ahead of me, although I wish I had never started in the first place.... I can rest easy knowing I will not have a McMBA. Yay for me.

Citizen's bank stole $95 from me. I highly recommend if you use Citizens to no longer use them. As soon as I legally hyphenate my name (read - as soon as get off my ass and I mail my marriage license to the Social security office) we will be getting the fuck away from Citizens. This is not the first problem we have had with that bank, but it will be our last. I am kind of sad because I like the fun sparkly green debit cards. (heh heh heh...... that reminds me, in college before Katie had a debit card, she tried to convince me that "debit" was not a word!) But fun debit cards aside, they are a horrendous institution and they should all go to jail for stealing my money.

On Monday night, Andrew and I are going to meet with our photographer and pick out our album. Yay! This picture will be in it. Good for this picture. There will also be 39 others. As soon as I get some money, I will also print my own out.

That is all I have for now. Plus I am coughing and I must go find my cough drops.

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