Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday!

Okay so there is nothing bloody about today. But it is Sunday. So therefore I stick by my lyric.

I would like to take a moment to mention something to you all. UMass Boston is a commuter school. That means there are no dorms and no one lives on campus. Which means a good majority of people DRIVE to campus to attend their classes. However, the powers that be, namely the idiotic chancellor who should ROT IN HELL, have decided to close the parking garage and to reopen it - never. Their reasoning? It would cost $150 million dollars to fix it. Their advice to students? Take the T. Hi, um, I live in Canton. I would have to take the commuter rail home. At 9:00 at night, that would take me hours upon hours to do. I don't think so. This parking garage has never been safe, as poor quality cement was used to make it. Senators actually went to jail over this, since there were kickbacks, backroom deals, and other illegal activities involved with the construction of the campus. Anyway, the parking garage holds up 5 buildings. So instead of fixing it they are just closing it and pretending that it won't kill people. Riiight. Not to mention that there is no longer parking at UMass. They are talking about using valet parking. What the fuck people. Use some common sense. YOU NEED TO FIX THE PARKING GARAGE BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, THE BUILDING COULD COLLAPSE AND THERE US NO PLACE TO PARK.

I hate that school. hate hate hate hate hate.

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