Thursday, July 20, 2006

Does Everybody Know What Day It Is???

It's FLEX DAY! Yay! Whoo hoo! :)

God, life is good when you are on flex time. Yesterday was my Flex day eve and it was pretty enjoyable. Andrew and I got through 41 Thank You's. They will hopefully be completely done and mailed next week. That's the goal anyway. You may not see them until Christmas, but the lofty goal is next week.

On a sad note, my favorite Family Guy clip ever has been mysteriously deleted off the DVR. It was part of a pretty stupid episode - Peter tells the Griffin family history because they are locked in a panic room and think they are going to die (well Meg is downstairs with the robbers) but towards the end Peter admits that he never liked The Godfather. I think that scene is my all time favorite Family Guy moment. Andrew and I quote it to each other all the time :) But, alas, it's gone! Neither one of us deleted it, so I guess the great DVR god decided we were watching it too much. Well DVR god, this is what I have to say to you: I love The Money Pit. That is my response to that statement". ROBERT DUVALL!

Okay, I'm done. But I'm still sad about it. My mother and I are getting a mani/pedi today. I am extremely excited about that. I haven't had either one since before the wedding! My nails are so short that I hardly bother with manicures, only when I have an event or my cuticles are getting beyond my expertise (there is no excuse in life to have nasty cuticles). But even if it will cost me more money than I have, I'm very excited about it - I love pedicures. Love them. As does my mother, which is why we are going today to get them :)

And why is this costing me more money than I have? Well... I was walking past The Gap yesterday and noticed that they were switching from their summer stuff to the fall stuff... I had to go in and peruse the new styles. And buy a new pair of pants and a shirt. And then I just happened to notice that Banana Republic was having a sale! Ordinarily I never go into Banana Republic because I cannot fit into their pants. They are always too long for me. They could come out with a super duper extra short variety of pants and I guarantee they would be too long for me. But they were having a crazy sale so I had to go in. Of course I tried on a pair of pants that were marked down $50!! (and yet they were still $28) but obviously - way too long. And I know myself too well to know that I wouldn't have brought them to a tailor. So I passed on them, but I did see a very cute little sweater that was also on sale so I grabbed it. And that is the reason as to why I cannot afford my mani/pedi today. But I did get two work shirts and a pair of pants for work. I love buying work clothes because I don't have to feel guilty about buying them. I have to have nice work clothes. I can't be dressed like a shabby nincompoop at work. :)

I have class tonight. I hate grad school. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that one day I want to be making more money than I currently am making. Grad school is an very good way to accomplish that goal. But I hate it. And I do not have enough words to describe my HATRED of UMass. I no longer care how high their College of Business is rated. I HATE IT. I think I would have been happier at the lower rated Suffolk. The only redeeming quality (as noted in a previous blog - see my Friendster blog) is the new student center. That is awesome. But I hate the faculty and I hate the parking lot and I hate that they spent 400 grand on welcoming the chancellor (I hate the chancellor) and I hate the undergrads and I hate everyone and everything associated with that school. But I'm not alone, all the grad students that I talk to hate the same things. They really should build a separate graduate building. If I win the lottery I am going to donate large sums of money to UMass Boston for them to build a brand new building to house the College of Management with its own new parking garage so no other MBA student has to deal with what I am dealing with.

And that has brought today's installment to an end. As always, have a pleasant tomorrow :)

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How is life in Canton, Mississippi? ~Bree