Sunday, August 03, 2014


You guys!  YOU GUYS!!

I'm back!

After 7.5 years of blogging, I was just burnt out last November and I had to shut the blog down.  I was long overdue for a break and the result was an 8 month blogging hiatus.  But I'm back!

So what has changed?

* the O'G family no longer lives in 881 SF of hell.  The stars and moon aligned,  miracles were performed, and we got out.  My kids have their own rooms,  we have TWO FLOORS,  my kitchen is gorgeous (okay, so House Beautiful, South Shore Living, or Better Homes and Gardens are not knocking down my door, but *I* love it) and I don't have to schlep up three flights of stairs carrying babies and gear anymore.   It wasn't an easy move as we had to live with my parents for 6 weeks and my parents have a two bedroom condo, but we did it.

* Baby Girl graduated preschool! It was a bittersweet graduation,  she's officially not a baby anymore and my Little Guy won't be going to that preschool.  We are done forever! 

And one month from today she will be heading off to KINDERGARTEN.  Our new town has all day Kindergarten which thrills me for Baby Girl's sake because I think she will thrive, but I'm dreading it.  I may or may not let her get on the school bus.  I'm still undecided.
* My Little Guy... well.... he's developing into quite the little boy.  He gets everyone to love him within 5 minutes of being around him, but damn is he a spirited kid!  This is his last year at home before he heads off to preschool so we'll either have a super fun year filled with adventures or I will be committed to a locked psychiatric ward by Christmas.  We'll see. 
* Also, shortly after I closed the blog down, my grandfather died.  To quote my brother's euology,  I miss you, pal! (side note, don't go to your grandfather's funeral and then immediately head to Thanksgiving festivities.  Self medicating with wine is bad, mmkay?)

I'm happy to be back,  I started to miss complaining ad nauseum about my woes!

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