Tuesday, November 05, 2013

irreparable harm?

I don't know what kind of damage we are doing to our daughter with this whole moving business.  I know she's not the first kid to move,  but with all the 'maybes' going on in our life right now it's a very hard concept to explain.  She knows that sometimes people come to look at our house and she comes along to open houses with us.  She LOVES open houses... it's actually kind of odd.  Maybe she's realizing there is more to this great big world outside of her 881SF?   At any rate, she has turned looking at houses into a game. She's a mini real estate agent.   How many years of therapy is this going to cost me?

Here's a question for the universe:  where do you put the toys when you don't have a playroom?  I didn't have a playroom growing up, but my brother and I also had big bedrooms where we kept all our toys.  We kept the bigger sprawling ones (think Lincoln Logs, PlayMobil, Legos, etc) in our unfinished cellar.  Is that okay to do these days, or will someone report us to the Parents Police?  Because let me tell you,  there are no playrooms in our price range.   If we are luck we will get a formal dining room which will double as a playroom since we don't have a formal dining room set and we will have no money to buy one!  Which really is fine... what would I do with a formal dining room right now?   I'd rather throw the toys in there and call it a day!

And just to keep everyone updated:  I still hate the treadmill.  I don't know if I can do this all winter!

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