Saturday, August 03, 2013

I'm playing around with minor changes to the blog right now,  trying to figure out exactly what I'll be doing in the Great Change Up of 2013. 

I actually can't change that much, as I don't know HTML and I'm stuck with the layouts that Blogger offers.  The real changes will be in the organization of content.   I know, you can barely control your excitement. I'll play with the colors for awhile before I settle on something that I love so bear with me.

In non blog news,  Falmouth Road Race is in a week and I am not ready.   I'm more scared about the half marathon that is coming all too quickly that I really have not even begun to train for.   God help me.  Tomorrow I will be running the course one last time before the race and I will hope for the best!  I most likely will not PR but that's okay.   It's a fun race and I'm just happy to be able to run it.

Speaking of which you have a few more days to throw a couple of dollars my way!  Well, not MY way but if you wanted to give me a few dollars I'd take it.   But you can donate to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.   I've already raised $235 which I'm happy about but to get it to $300 would be awesome!  And then I'll never run for charity again, I promise.   It's stressful trying to raise money!

But since we all know cancer sucks and it should be eradicated from our lives,  this is a good charity to throw some money towards!   As a team we have raised just over $13,000 at the time of this publication.  Fabulous!

Cancer Sucks!

Thank you kindly,  and again I promise this is the last time I ask for money :) Though anytime anyone wants to just hand me a wad of cash for no reason I'll take it.   Dunkin Donuts will thank you.

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