Tuesday, June 04, 2013

baby steps

Forget what I said about doing a quick 2 miles yesterday.   I've been having some arch pain in my right foot and I thought another day off would be good for it.   Today I actually started my pre-training for the half.  It was only 3 miles, which is less than I have been averaging lately,  but it was hard.  The first mile kicked my butt mentally and when I'm mentally struggling  I start to physically struggle.   My mind was racing

If I can't do 3,  how can I do 13.1?

Why is the first mile so hard?

Why does every muscle in my body ache after 1.5 miles? 

When can I go home?  

How will I do 5 miles on Sunday if I can't do 3 today?

Not a great run today.   Tomorrow is another day thought, and another 3 miles.   I have to get my head back in the game since this is only going to get harder!

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