Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost there

Some days I think I've conquered this whole stay at home Mom thing.   Then there are days that I come home and look at my house and wonder when Matt Paxton and Dr. Chabaud are coming to film Hoarders (oh, and A&E - please pick up Hoarders for next season.   Don't make me resort to watching the TLC knock off version).

Today was good,  the boy and I went for a four mile walk this morning,  though we were super slow about it and I only burned around 230 calories.  FYI.   Then this afternoon all three of us walked to our local park.  So not a bad day for the kids,  but not a great day for the house either.   Some day I will master the art of raising children and keeping a clean house, but today us not that day.  My mother tried to be nice and said it will always be difficult to keep my place de-cluttered because it's small and there are no closets.   I have turned that into meaning I don't have to try.   "Oh,  this pile of mail that's been growing larger for 6 months?  It's okay that it stays in the kitchen, I have no closets".   "The mountain of clean laundry over here?  Totes acceptable - I have no closets".   It's not a good scene.

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