Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Happy March!

Pay no attention to the fact that I took the second half of February off.  I took it off from a lot of things. 

Today I went to Target armed with a whole lot of  catalina coupons.  My total before coupons was $86.99 and I ended up paying $74.56!  I saved about 15%!

It's even more impressive if you take out the diapers and K-cups that I just bought because we were out and I needed to buy them anyway.  While, yes, I did buy them this trip,  they weren't actually part of the coupon trip.

So with that caveat,  my total would have been $43.02 (diapers and Kcups are EXPENSIVE!!) and my coupon total would have been $30.56.   That's 29% savings on a Target trip!

I wish I had the time and resources to devote to serious couponing,  I could be good at it.

For the $74.56 that I paid  I got:

120 count package of diapers
two 18 count boxes of K-cups
Synders pretzels
6 boxes of Nutra Grain bars (the final price of these was $!)
Annies organic Mac and Cheese (not on sale, and no coupon but my Little Man seems to like pasta so I splurged for him)
dozen eggs (which I normally buy at Market Basket, but I had a coupon for 50 cents off eggs.  All in all I only saved about 20 cents on the eggs because they are cheaper at Market Basket, but 20 cents is 20 cents!)
3 Chobanis
3 four packs of Yo-Toddler Stoneyfield Farms yogurt
sandwich bags
Bounty paper towels (no coupon or sale on this one either, but every once in awhile I treat myself to Bounty paper towels.   I live on the edge)
Baby body wash/shampoo
Baby lotion
2 packages of Up & Up disinfectant wipes

Overall, I'm impressed with myself.   I'm sure a serious couponer would scoff at my measly 15% savings (though I still maintain it's really a 29% savings) but for minimal effort this is a nice return!

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