Sunday, January 06, 2013

books books books

I'm in book overload here.    Last night we decided our next book club book would be 11/22/63, which is GREAT because I finally got myself a copy (BPL, we are still in a fight over this... get more ebooks.  That should be your New Years Resolution). 

However, I am still trying to force myself to finish Mayflower.  I started it on the recommendation of a few friends,  but I really do not like it.   It's non-fiction, which isn't always my cup of tea.  And honestly, I'm so confused about King Philip's War that my head is spinning when I sit down to read it.   I don't know what to do,  I'm about halfway through it so I feel that I just should just finish it... but I really do not like this book.

Add to the fact that I've been trying to read A Feast for Crows... which Goodreads is telling me I started in June,  though I'm pretty sure it was before June.   So I've been reading (or trying to read) this book for over 6 months and I'm still not finished.  Really?  6+ months to read a book?  I read the last Harry Potter in 4 hours! 

So I have two books hanging out there and I need to start 11/22/63 soon.   I cannot have three books going,  my life is too scattered as it is.   So what's a girl to do?

I'm thinking the answer may be to read some trashy "historical romances" instead :)

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