Sunday, August 19, 2012


These pictures are SOOC  (or SOOPhone, as it were) so I apologize for the lack of editing and the horrendous lighting situation going on.  Not having photoshop or any other editing software, there's not a whole lot I could have done about the lighting anyway.

Baby Girl finished her swimming lessons at the beach last week.  She learned nothing,  then she got a trophy for it.  I don't understand why the trophies were necessary.   The pizza and cake though..... those were completely necessary.  But trophies for occasionally showing up for lessons and having the lifeguard carry you in and out of the water...  well that's the embodiment of kids getting rewarded for EVERYTHING these days.  As much as I thought it was ridiculous, she was excited to get her trophy,  once she figured out what a trophy was. 

Baby Girl and her trophy for her accomplishments showing up

Look Mama!  Next stop-Olympic Glory! swimming lessons at the Y

Up close and personal.   Yes, it's engraved.

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