Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where do you want to go today?

We have big technology news....  for the first time since 2005 (which was before we were even married) we are getting a new computer.  A brand spanking new computer that doesn't take 20 minutes to boot up, an additional 20 minutes to connect to the internet,  and 20 more minutes to load something.   I cannot tell you how excited I am.   There will most likely be more frequent postings if it doesn't take me 40 minutes just to get to the "new post" page on Blogger.   And the input for the power source will work,  which is currently the biggest annoyance I have with this computer. 

Maybe Andrew will even finish the Great Migration to Wordpress that he started for me over a year ago.  Maybe I can get Photo Shop!  The possibilities are endless!  I will actually be able to post pictures to this blog without it taking Blogger 45 minutes to upload them!  (or maybe not,  that might be a Blogger issue)

I feel as excited as techies did in the 90's when Windows 95 was released.   I'm getting up to date technology!!!

The laptop we currently use actually was top of the line back in 2005.   I feel bad trashing it,  when it was so great back then.   However 2005 was 6 years ago and it's time to this laptop go to laptop heaven,  or whatever happens to computers when they no longer serve any useful purpose aside from a very handy coaster when you need one.

We should have it by the middle of next week.   I don't know if I will get my fair share of computing time when it first comes since Andrew will be hogging it,  but I'm sure I can wrestle it away from him during Bruins playoff games  (if the Bruins could make it to the next round, I'd be most appreciative!)

And for no particular reason,  here's Baby Girl chilling on the boardwalk on Monday night in the 90 degree heat.  

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