Thursday, March 08, 2012

I don't often eat my Favorite Sandwich in the World, mainly because it requires a specific type of bread that isn't exactly healthy.   This is the nutritional info for one piece.   Clearly this is not bread that we buy often in the Casa De O'G.   We prefer to consume our calories in wine vegetables (obvi).

But Andrew went to Shaw's by himself on Wednesday... sending Andrew into a grocery store alone is never a good thing.   I didn't use worry about what the results would be when he did the food shopping,  but recently I've learned the man cannot stick to a list.  I can send him in with a specific list and he will come out with 5 additional things,  5 things that are somewhat what I wanted but never happen to be the exact or sale items and he'll just not bother to get the other items we needed.   In other words,  it's better if I do it myself,  as I've put us on a pretty strict grocery shopping list.  

BUT, as previously mentioned,  he went to Shaw's on Wednesday for a few specific things and he walked back in the door with Canadian White Bread.

Let's all take a moment to savor the wonderfulness that is Canadian White,  shall we?

Is there a better bread?  (the answer is no).   If you've never had it - run, don't walk, to your nearest food store and buy a loaf.   Try not to eat it all in one or two sittings, because I am not lying to you when I say it is NOT HEALTHY.   (FYI,  french toast with Canadian White is amazing.  Life altering.  To this day, I only like french toast with stale Canadian White)

Getting back to My favorite Sandwich in the World.  It's peanut butter, mayonnaise, and banana.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.  And if you've had peanut butter and banana and you're wondering what all the fuss is about - add mayo and Canadian White and you'll experience a little slice of heaven right there in your kitchen. 

I made Andrew and Baby Girl chicken and vegetables for dinner.  I made myself a sandwich (what, I'm pregnant, I can do these kinds of things).   

The preparation:

 The outcome.  (Don't I just kick ass at Instagram?  I should totally be a fauxtagrapher and start a business.  Isn't the way everything is blurry except the one bite which is in focus so artistic?  I AM SO TALENTED)

I may not have another sandwich for years to come.  I think the last one I had was before Baby Girl was born.  I'm not lying when I say I NEVER buy Canadian White, but gawd, those few times that a loaf makes it into the house....

Also good on Canadian White - cream cheese and jelly.  Super. Yum. 

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