Sunday, February 12, 2012

so little time

Well a lot happened this weekend and I have about 10 minutes before Baby Girl will inevitably throw some sort of fit, so here we go:

* Smash.  I finally watched it on Friday night.   I don't know what I think yet...  I'm already over the story line of who is going to be Marilyn,  and I fast forwarded most of the songs.    But I love Debra Messing, and I like Katherine McPhee as well (I don't watch Idol, so I really had no idea what she could do).   I'll probably give it a few more tries and then decide.   I could use a Monday night show though,  so I'm leaning towards watching the whole season.

* Whitney.   I probably shouldn't have been shocked,  but I was.  Hell,  I was surprised when Amy Winehouse died,  so I guess it doesn't take much to surprise me.   Whitney's self titled album was my very first CD and I played that thing non stop.  I probably still have it up in my attic,  along with my Bodyguard soundtrack.  I hate that we keep losing all these talented people to drugs and other substance abuse problems.  

*  I really want to watch The Bodyguard now.  And you know what,  my mother can't send me out of the room to get her a glass of water during the sex scenes anymore! 

* Baby Girl will be sleeping in her Brand New Toddler Bed tonight!!!  She is really excited about it.    I'm sad that she's out of the crib because I could stick her in that crib at 7:30 and there she would stay until 6:30 the next morning.   But she figured out how to climb out of it last week and this way she has a long time to separate herself from the crib and hopefully be okay with it when the Little Guy takes over. 

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Bree said...

For a Monday night show, I recommend Hart of Dixie. (I suppose here is where I actually admit to WATCHING Hart of Dixie...) LOVE Rachel Bilson, and I guess it kind of strikes a chord with me! :)