Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alphabet soup

We have starting teaching Baby Girl her letters.  She knows S, M, and B.    As for A...  well,  the following conversation happens about 6 times a day

Mama (after drawing an A):  What's this letter?
Baby Girl:  Yes.
Mama:  Yes.... what?  What letter is this?
Baby Girl.   It's a .....   
Mama:  it's an A!
Baby Girl:  it's an A!

2 seconds later:
Mama:  What's this letter?
Baby Girl:  A 'A'!
Mama:  cringing at the improper use of 'a' vs. 'an' - Yes!

2 seconds later:
Mama:  What's this letter?
Baby Girl:   I don't know!

Seriously,  she forgets it in 2 seconds.   I know she's still young for her letters,  and I understand this is not going to happen quickly,  but seriously?   We probably point out the letter "A" 10 times a day.    She cannot remember it,  yet she saw an "O" on our Welcome mat and recognized it instantly -  they don't do letters as school yet.   So she randomly taught herself what an "O" is,  but cannot get the "A" which is pointed out to her eleventy billion times a day?   Only my kid.   I swear she is doing it on purpose.

In other news, she's potty training.   We're all kind of scarred by it.   Her favorite trick is to sit on the potty for about 10 minutes and not go and then have an accident 30 seconds after she gets up.   My favorite trick is drinking copious amounts of wine to get through it.

HA HA HA JUST KIDDING,  DON'T CALL THE AUTHORITIES ON ME!  I know I'm pregnant.  There is no wine drinking.   There is a lot of complaining about the lack of wine though,  don't get me wrong.

Also on the Lil Sibling front,  I heard the heartbeat today.   4 more weeks until we know if we're welcoming Lil Brother or Lil Sister!

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Cincinnatus said...

for some reason, aaron really latched on to the letter "h" when he was 2. i often picked him up from daycare and was given multiple sheets of paper with two vertical lines and a horizontal line filling the entire page.