Monday, October 03, 2011


As of 5:30 tonight,  we can use our water!!!  No e.coli in la casa de O'G,  but I do have a sore throat... suspect.

I had a physical today - my doctor told me I get to have a mammogram at 35 instead of 40!  WHOO HOO!!!  How did I get so lucky?  It's like winning the lottery,  only instead of getting lots of money, I get to start having mammograms 5 years earlier than everyone else. 

That was almost as good as when my midwife told me I had to have 2 one hour glucose tests (most people only have one,  unless you fail).   How do I keep winning these medical lotteries?

I told my doctor that after I have a glass of wine,  I have an awful night's sleep.   She told me to stop drinking wine.   She clearly is not a full time working mother of a crazy 2 year old.  

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