Sunday, October 02, 2011

Go me

Are you impressed that I had this month's picture up on October 2nd?  I am.   Especially because I brought my camera to the pumpkin patch, but it didn't have a memory card in it.   Yep,  that's just how I roll.   However when I was going through pictures on my camera I remembered I had some pictures that I took for October's picture which I apparently forgot about.

My mother-in-law did have a memory card in her camera and got this shot: 

Isn't she cute?

Our town has been under a boil water order since Tuesday night.   Today is Sunday.   Shoot me.   It actually hasn't been as bad as the last one we had,  since Baby Girl was really a baby back then, and not having running water when you have a baby who still drinks bottles is a  LOT harder than having a toddler.   The biggest issue is bathing her,  they say you can still shower with the water,  but BG has a tendency to drink the bathwater and she's still scared of the shower so keeping her clean has been a challenge.    I think we did okay,  she may have smelled a bit on Thursday,  but we took care of that.   And our dishwasher has a sanitize feature on it,  so we have been able to use the dishwasher - some people aren't so lucky.   It could be a lot worse,  but I'm still ready to have potable water coming out of the tap.   I'm a first world girl,  I can't help it.  I need water to come out of the tap.  And it needs to be water that I can drink,  use to brush my teeth, and bathe my child.  

Another 5 day work week coming up, but then a 3 day weekend!    YIPPEE SKIPPY!

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