Sunday, October 16, 2011

free stuff!

Want some free K-Cups?   Here you go! Sign up soon,  they do tend to run out of these samples kind of quickly. 

Want a free audio book?  (if you've never listened to an audio book,  I highly recommend them)  Here you go! On that one,  you do have to sign up for an membership.  You will NOT BE CHARGED unless you forget to cancel your membership, and you can cancel the membership as soon as you have downloaded your audio file.   If you have an Amazon account (and let's be real here, who doesn't have an Amazon account?) you don't even have to put your credit card information in,  it uses your saved one.    Just don't forget to cancel your audible account! 

I signed up for the free audio book for the sole purpose of getting Room by Emma Donoghue.   It's my book club selection for November, and I need to get started on it.   Much to my dismay,  it was not available in ebook format at Boston Public Library!  What?   I have a $7.00 late fee at my local library,  so I can't place a hold on the physical book.  I'm firmly against paying late fees,  so I'll probably never be able to place a hold on a physical book again at my library (still can get ebooks though!).   What's a girl to do?  I don't pay for books.   I find it offensive, much like paying late fees.  I do have a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and it was only $9.99 in Nook format,  but still - $10 for a book?  No thank you!   Luckily, I remembered about my free audio book that I've been hearing about on the Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts,  so off I went.    VICTORY IS MINE!   Another free book!   

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