Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1.  I'm 2 hours into Room.   I think it's a pretty good choice for an audiobook,  the main character is 5 and it's being read as a child.   It's actually the first audiobook I've heard that has different people voicing the different people.   It really works for this book,  and I actually wish my commute was longer so I could listen longer!

2.   Thanksgiving is coming and I don't really like the dress I have for Baby Girl.  I want to buy this,  because OMG ADORABLE...   but I already have a (boring) dress that will be fine.   What to do,  what to do....

3.  I will probably wear a work outfit on Thanksgiving.  Because that's how cool I am.  I can make any even business casual.  It helps that I only own business casual clothing.   A lot of it is grey and black, and kind of screams INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL.    I only wish I could have a turkey made out of bows on my Thanksgiving jumper. 

4.  How many more weeks until ABC pulls the plug on Pan-Am?  I'm starting to actually like it,  so I'm thinking one more week until it's pulled.

5.  I'm still bitter that Off the Map was canceled at the end of last season.  I really liked it,  even if I was the only one!

6.  Baby Girl has been calling her teachers "Silly Goose".    I'm still waiting for my parenting award.

7.  I really like my iPhone 4s,  but I still don't really understand how to use Siri.  I don't have bluetooth in my car so I can't use it to its full potential anyway.  I like to ask it questions until it gets mad at me.

8.  I'm obsessed  with watching Disney reveal videos.   I want someone to take me to Disney World.  NOT Chattanooga

9.  I don't actually want to go to Disney right now,  because the thought of chasing after a 2 year old in Disney World gives me hives

10.  I've had a sore throat for over 2 weeks.   When do you think I should do something about that?

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