Thursday, September 08, 2011


Football starts tonight, which means I have my first panic about my fantasy team... who do I start,  Ryan Grant or Felix Jones?  I went back and forth and ultimately went with Ryan Grant which was my plan all along.

I don't know if I am up to this kind of pressure.   What if I lose?  What if starting Felix Jones would have made all the difference?  WHAT IF I DON'T WIN A SINGLE GAME ALL SEASON?

I need some wine.

 In other news, I had a heartbreaking conversation with my daughter tonight:

Baby Girl:  We go down the cape soon?
Mama: No sweetie, we're not going down the cape this weekend
Baby Girl:  We go down the cape later?
Mama:  no, sweetie.  Not later either
Baby Girl:  We go to the Ought Cub?  (yacht club)
Mama:  No baby,  the yacht club is closed
Baby Girl:  WHY MAMA??

Oh, if only I knew why summer had to come to such a quick end.  

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