Sunday, September 18, 2011

back at the Y

The South Shore YMCA Quincy branch does not require a membership to take their classes.  They are more expensive for non-members, natch,  but we are eligible.   And we happen to be in Quincy most Saturday mornings,  so a nice toddler swim class at the Y on Quincy morning seemed way too good to pass up. 

Therefore at 9:55 yesterday I found myself in the overly chlorinated pool at the Y.   With a squirming toddler who is convinced she can swim and doesn't need to be held.   That's fun. 

It's also fun to sing the welcome song to about 8 other kids.   Including 2 Mateos  (seriously?  More than one Mateo?  In New England?)  Because standing around singing stupid songs in the shallow end of the YMCA pool is really how I want to spend my Saturday mornings.   I used to spend my Saturday mornings curled up on the couch, drinking my coffee, and catching up on TV.    Now I'm at swimming lessons. 

Oh, the joys of parenthood.  

But - and I totally did this - Miss Maureen asked if anyone had dunked before and wanted to be the first to go.  I may have knocked people out of line to get Baby Girl to be first.    HA HA HA TAKE THAT MINI HUMAN WHO IS THE REASON I'M AT SWIMMING LESSONS!!

(and before you call DYS,  yes, she has dunked before.... kind of)

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How far have you gotten in the books?