Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's August!

Okay, well we're almost halfway through August, but I have the new picture up. It was a tie this month, Andrew ended up picking for me. Here's the other one:

I like the color of the water better in that one, and since I don't have any photo editing software, with the exception of cropping the size, my pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera) so I have to take the color of the pictures as they come. Well, I can have picasa turn it black and white if I so choose, but I don't have anything that can play with the color of the water. Blogger also doesn't let me choose where the blog title is and what color it's going to be, and I don't love the gray color on the title picture, it makes the title hard to read. But Andrew thought it was a more interesting picture and I couldn't decide, so there you go. A more interesting picture with meh colored water.

This was my helper when I was taking the pictures. We went down to the end of the street to snap some pictures, my whole idea was to get some really great marsh photos, but it was high tide when we got there and I couldn't get down into the main part of the marsh.
Isn't she a good sport? She kept telling me "Don't get muddy Mama! Be careful Mama!".

So the Road Race is this weekend. Since I have seriously started training I have put in 20 hours and 12 minutes of running time, which ended up being 94.16 miles. My average pace over that time is 12 minutes and 53 seconds (hey, no one said I was a FAST runner). I have been slowly getting my average pace down, it's closer to 12 minutes and 40 seconds now. According to Nike +, I've also burned 11,390 calories in all that. I have run in the heat, humidity, rain, cold, and everything in between. I have run the Woods Hole hills, practiced running up the Heights, and iced my knees a million times. The only thing I have not done yet is run 7 miles in a row. I'm confident in my ability to run 5 miles, as I can do that without much of an issue. And I am in the last heat with all the other slow runners, so everyone tells me that I won't run for the first 2 miles. There are 10,000 people running the race and I start at the end. The road to Woods Hole is very narrow, only two lanes with no breathing room. The gridlock is crazy - and I will use that to my advantage and walk as much as I can in the beginning so I can run up the Heights and down to the finish!

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