Wednesday, June 29, 2011


People tend to stumble upon this blog when looking for other things. As I'm not a famous blogger (apparently people don't flock to blogs with numerous typos and grammatical errors) I appreciate the traffic from wherever it comes.

I just hope this Google searcher found what they were looking for (aha! another grammatical error)

"girl with anxiety tv june 22nd june"

Well, I am a girl. A woman, really, but I can be called a girl. I also have a Baby Girl who has been the main focus of this blog for the past two years.

I often have anxiety, both irrational and rational.

I have a TV. It's been mentioned on here once or twice, but the post from back in 2009 about our new TV stand is the most viewed entry of this blog.

It is June.

It was June 22.

It is June.

So, really - I have everything this person wanted, but I'm guessing he or she didn't stick around very long. It's a shame really, we could have had a wonderful dialogue about girls, TV, June, and June 22!

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